Plaster Council Technical Papers


The idea behind the Plaster Council is to reach out to all the other organizations in the stucco industry to make SMA’s work reach a broader audience, ensure that SMA is meeting the needs of the greater industry, and improve the ability of the industry as a whole to represent its interests. The Plaster Council is well on its way to becoming the organization that we envisioned.

The Council is tackling how best to equip the industry to handle concerns around cracking. Various industry groups have different crack policies today, which are used to manage expectations of customers, educate the consumer in case of complaints, and teach best practices to minimize cracking. But these crack policies, taken together, can present a somewhat conflicting and confusing view of the issue.

So the Plaster Council has undertaken an analysis of crack policies out in the industry, with the goal of compiling one unified crack policy for the industry to use. By doing this, there will be less confusion, and the industry will present a consistent, unified position on cracking.

As well, we’ve undertaken other industry-wide issues such as color guidelines and smooth finishes, to finalize unified policies. Listed above is a viewable/printable .pdf file for your use.

Any input that SMA members would like to contribute to this effort can be sent to SMA’s Executive Director for inclusion in the discussion at the next meeting.


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