Choose Stucco

Stucco is an historically proven cladding with hundreds of years of success. Modern stucco is a basic blend of sand, cement and lime. Additives can be blended into a basic mix to impart desired characteristics. Design and installation per stucco manufacturers’ recommendations will produce a long-lasting and durable exterior cladding. However, the use of poor materials, improper additives and untrained installers can result in stucco failures. The Stucco Manufacturers Association provides various services to the design, contracting and code enforcement communities to help assure a cement stucco cladding is done properly, to last a lifetime. The SMA is also on the forefront of trending issues involving stucco such as:

  • Cement plaster (stucco) over rigid foam to comply with Continuous Insulation and Energy Codes
  • Cement stucco and best practices for rainscreen or reservoir cladding issues
  • Best practices to minimize stucco cracks
  • Stucco details and procedures for flashing windows on stucco walls
  • Stucco specifications for one, two or three coat stucco

The SMA can help you select the right products, systems and installers from an unbiased perspective. We represent the industry by representing the best stucco manufacturers, suppliers and installers across the country as a neutral third party to provide assurance your stucco job is done right.

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