Fall 2017 eNews

OSHA’s new silica exposure regulations are in effect — in our Fall 2017 eNewsletter, read what the SMA is doing to help Contractors learn the new work rules and become compliant, with our extensive Silica Compliance Program. Also review what the SMA is planning, to promote the stucco industry and much more.

March 2016 eNews

In the SMA’s March 2016 eNewsletter, SMA president Kevin Wensel urges us to think outside our usual concept of who our competitors are, as a good way to expand marketshare in our industry. Also in this issue: marblecrete and shellcrete cladding in the South, one-coat stucco descriptions, news about SMA members …

May 2014 eNews

In SMA’s May 2014 eNewsletter SMA President Kevin Wensel discusses “Energy Codes and Stucco,” and how continuous insulation and advanced framing may help meet new code requirements. Also in this issue: tips from a sales strategist, an interesting study on stucco and earthquake preparedness, a survey on builder costs, analysis of self-cleaning stucco, updates from SMA members, and more.

October 2013 eNews

SMA’s October 2013 eNewsletter features articles on the recent roll-out of the Affordable Care Act and what it all means to our businesses. Other articles include: hints for plaster/stucco applications in hot & cold weather, a source for Safety Compliance Stickers, current statistics on wall material on new homes.

March 2013 eNews

SMA’s March 2013 eNewsletter features articles: “The Tipping Point for New Homes over Existing,” by Nick Brown; “Cal/OSHA Heat Regulations” by John McCoy of Residential Wall Systems; “The Un-comfort Zone” by Robert Wilson, Innovation Consultant; Jerry Pozo’s “Double Life” and more.

July 2011 eNews

SMA’s July 2011 eNewsletter features articles: Teaching Stucco to School Kids, Dealing with Legal Disputes in a Tough Economy, Green Choices, California’s AB 32 Global Warming Solutions Act, Carbon Trading Programs, Pre-blended Portland Cement Plaster Basecoats.